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Craftsmen & Workers! Unnoticed Suffering.

•Thousands of Financially-Independent Craftsmen & Workers are suffering in silence, they are facing the most tough challenges those usually affect huge corporations and smash their business into pieces.

•Through a long term analysis-process and market-case-studies we could summarize the challenges into one word (REACH).

•Since they are independent-workers they don’t have the needed support from the responsible syndicates.

•They gain their families bread & butter through their limited circle of connections and this is harsh for most of the families.


A Technical Point Of View!

•The local craftsmen business-related inabilities represent a huge part of their tough situation and those inabilities are pointed out below:

1.Lack of Business awareness.

2.Extra limited marketing skills.

3.Limited scientific achievements.

4.Lack of commitment of their field’s business rules is leading to take down their market-quality and low-standard

These Rules include:

(Safety – Dressing – Credibility – Behavior & Work Ethics … etc).


For Them, Technology Is Still Not Fair Enough!

Millions of platforms, websites, applications have been created since this science started evolving.

•Teenagers and social oriented people have Facebook, Twitter … etc.

•Professionals got Linked-In.

•Nonprofit & Corporate sectors got thousands of platforms & services.

•Politicians have their own Bloggers, marketers and blitz-men.

•Public Figures are on the top when it comes to social media for instance.

•But, where are Craftsmen and Free Industrial Workers? They ask.


Nonprofit Is Healing, Perfect!

•Tens of initiatives have been taken up to our information.

•We have been involved in vocational trainings ourselves to assist.

•UN Agencies & INGOs have the tend to assist this sector and this is a must be thanked effort.

•Big budgets were invested into teaching craftsmen, workers and fresh graduate students in this region.

•The main goal was increasing the domestic cash float by involving more locals into services and industries and this is brilliant.

•But what after the trainings?


What’s on the other side? Customers Also Matter.

Because of all what was spotted, it is easy to say that:

•Customers are also facing difficulties in finding the right people for the right jobs despite the fact of having a lot of them around.

•Customers don’t have guarantees in case of finding one.

•Customers don’t even have the basic-right of having a trusted reference.

•Customers don’t have the luxury of “Options” due to many limitations as clarified.

•Customers can’t always get a Quality Service.


Non-Quality Service Consequences & Reflections!

Consequences & Reflections are much bigger than what they seem to be now:


1. Because of the current mechanism and also because of the basic rights those are not guaranteed for the customers, their trust of the daily workers is decreasing  day by day.


2. We can estimate how dangerous it is for the good-quality craftsmen. Simply it threatens their families future because of their current and future financial situation.


Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention!

Plato the Greek philosopher said once:

“Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention”

Experto is the invention for a critical necessity that casts a shadow on the future of many humans who do have hopes and good expectations regarding their own families future.

More than (###) family will have a better financial status.


How Will Experto Help Craftsmen? 

Experto is an online platform that will be available as:

Website & Smartphone Application (Android Application - IOS).

•This platform aims to assist craftsmen & independent industrial workers by connecting them with their clients. This will enable the labors to:

-Get Online Advertising system.

-Increase their working-days per annum.

-Get better revenue depending on their services as a result.

-Increase their work quality to get a bigger market-share.

-Build an online Resume & track their work history.

-Get a Guide about their International Business Standards.


Experto Features!

Experto includes many useful features for both labors and customers as listed below:

-Account Management feature for both labors and customers.

-Categories and sub-categories for multi-industries.

-Personalized Profiles:

Name – Nationality – City – Overview – Fees – Comments & Reviews

-Online chatting service.

-Orders System and much more as will be demonstrated now.


Experto Features!

Experto includes many useful features for both labors and customers as listed below:

-Account Management feature for both labors and customers.

-Categories and sub-categories for multi-industries.

-Personalized Profiles:

Name – Nationality – City – Overview – Fees – Comments & Reviews

-Online chatting service.

-Orders System and much more as will be demonstrated now.


Million Thanks from Smart Web Iraq

We highly appreciate your attention and your support.

Smart Web Iraq is aiming to dedicate its team experiences to make this country a better place to live for all.

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